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Where to buy COVID-19 test paper

Time:2021-06-30 10:24

After the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, all nerves are concerned about the occurrence of the epidemic, a little discomfort are thinking to test themselves to see if they are infected, so where can I buy the new crown virus test kits? Recently, according to media reports, there are individual businesses through the website release information, through the WeChat circle of friends release information information to consumers to sell the self-test new coronavirus test kits that can be home.
COVID-19 test paper
New coronavirus test kits belong to the third category of medical devices, must be approved by the State Drug Administration to obtain a medical device registration certificate. At present, the state approved the registration of the new coronavirus test kits do not have a home self-test version, does not belong to the consumer's personal use of the product, can not be sold to consumers through the network personal.
So far, all new coronavirus test kits are medical supplies, and only professional testing organizations, hospitals and clinics are qualified to buy and use them. It is advisable to go to a professional institution or hospital for examination if you are uncomfortable. The new crown test reagents are currently out more, but at present, in addition to nucleic acid detection, other detection methods are also good and bad, fast and slow.
New Saiya Bio launched a new dual platform coronavirus detection reagent, 10 minutes to produce results, no large professional equipment, not subject to conditions, only a simple training of medical personnel can operate, can avoid nucleic acid leakage caused by sample collection and operation, combined with methodological advantages, detection rate of up to 95%, compared to all relevant detection products also belong to the advantage of the product, during the epidemic played an important It has played an important role during the outbreak.