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Japan starts selling China-developed COVID-19 test strips

Time:2021-06-11 11:24

COVID-19 test strips

It is well known that the global fight against this epidemic is imminent. In addition to China, tens of thousands of people are now infected in many Asian and European countries. This situation makes it imperative that we prevent and control this epidemic immediately and work with countries to address this difficulty. . In the midst of the test of the epidemic, countries are also relying on our experience and the power of science to fight the epidemic. Just a few days ago, the reassuring good news came from Japan that they started selling testable products. test strips for COVID-19 pneumonia, the best feature of this test strip is its speed and quality. It can detect the presence of New Coronavirus in a person's body within 15 minutes, and the accuracy rate has shocked the internet, up to 95%. .
  With such a testing test paper, it can be said that it provides a strong backing and guarantee to fight the epidemic. As we all know, due to the epidemic, shopping malls and stores in several areas have arranged epidemic detectors. Their main tool is an electronic thermometer in their hands. This electronic thermometer can be effective in protecting the normal body temperature of those present, but it can still be defective. However, with this test paper, it is possible to detect whether a person is infected with the novel coronavirus within 15 minutes, and the confirmation rate is very high. When this test strip is released, most people will probably have this test strip and the usage of the product will be greatly increased.
  The developer of this test strip is our secret partner in China. The name of this secret Chinese partner is not disclosed because it is manufactured and sold by Kurashiki Spinners in Japan. Everyone wants to know who is the secret partner in China. More curiously, can this test paper, which is only five centimeters long, really detect the new coronavirus in 15 minutes? And how does it work?
  Watching the TV news, we all hear the word nucleic acid. Many lay people certainly don't know much about nucleic acid. In fact, it is a virus. If it is positive, it means that the person is carrying the novel coronavirus in his or her body. When a person is infected with the novel coronavirus, the body will spontaneously form its own antibodies IGg. This test strip actually tests whether you have this IGg antibody in your body.
In order to make the product easier to use and to make the design of this test strip more accessible to the public, it is actually very similar to a pregnancy test. The test is actually quite simple. Simply take blood from a person within 15 minutes and place a drop on a flat surface. The lines on it will change. If it is infected, it is a double bar; if not, it is a single bar.
  This test strip looks small and compact. In fact, it has a very complex design. Let's take a look at the permeation system on this test strip. It is actually called a lateral flow immunochromatographic system. As the saying goes, it filters out your blood layer by layer. The bacteria inside then end up on the test paper for screening. After the blood is dripped, buffer is also dripped down. The buffer is used to filter the dripped blood again and then it is pushed onto the colloidal gold pad in front of it. If antibodies are detected in the gold nanoparticles, it quickly binds and continues to push the information forward, i.e. the check line of the test strip and the control line, comparing and checking the two to get the final result.
  If the detection line turns red, this is the result given by the final check and control line. This person has a novel coronavirus. Still, we should note that this test paper, although powerful, cannot be used for early detection. Medical experts told reporters that because the virus is still latent in the patient's body at an early stage, antibodies will not be formed at this time, so the initial test still needs to be a nucleic acid test in the hospital.
  Although it is unfortunate that it cannot be used for initial detection, I believe many people are still happy to see that there are now many products on the market that can control and detect the outbreak.