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COVID-19 rapid test,their own home can be measured

Time:2021-06-28 10:54

Recently, one of my neighbors reported that he was infected with New Crown in a WhatsApp neighborhood group and is currently in quarantine at home. While thanking him for his positive report, he couldn't help but lament that a person passing by the supermarket might have contracted the virus. I'm not afraid to be upright and mature. I can't ignore my parents who are in their 70s at home, and my friends who play with my kids. It would be great if you could check yourself regularly to prevent problems from occurring. After all, check in. At some point, it's possible to meet a truly infected person.
COVID-19 Antibody Test
What do you know about the new crown test
The nucleic acid test, is the current test for diagnosing whether or not the virus is carried. It requires an individual to collect a nasopharyngeal sample at a special testing site. This method requires sending the sample to a laboratory to process the results and waiting approximately 24 hours.
Rapid tests
The rapid test is divided into an antigen test and an antibody test. The antigen test uses a saliva sample to diagnose an active infection. The antibody test uses a blood sample to show if you have had a coronavirus infection in the past. Both tests feature a rapid result in less than 15 minutes. However, there is a possibility of false positives. Whenever a test is positive, you should go to a professional facility for nucleic acid testing.
Can I buy a rapid test kit and perform the test at home?
The answer is yes. Antigen testing requires an analyzer and is not suitable for home use. The rapid kits currently on the market for home use are serum antibody tests that are simple to perform.
COVID-19 Antibody Test
Only four steps are required
1. Wipe your finger with alcohol paper
2. Open the disposable handy to press the finger
3. Use a pipette to aspirate the blood and drop it on the assay plate
4. Apply two drops of diluent, let stand for 15 minutes and wait for the result
How to understand antibody test results
A positive IgG test means that the body has been producing antibodies for some time and has been infected with coronavirus, and does not indicate that the virus is currently replicating.
A positive IgM means that the body has just produced antibodies and the virus is actively replicating in the early stages of coronavirus infection.
Please note that a positive antibody does not mean that you are completely immune to the coronavirus. You will still need to continue to take daily protective measures.
What to do if the test is positive
Whenever you test positive for IgG or IgM, you must visit a specialized testing site for a nucleic acid test to confirm whether you are currently carrying the coronavirus.
Although a rapid test cannot be used as a final diagnosis, regular self-screening at home is still a good way to go in case of uncertainty.